Sukabumi City Culinary Center

Sukabumi City Culinary Center

If you visit Sukabumi, West Java, there are several specialties, including the following:


It is incomplete to visit Sukabumi without tasting this one special food consisting of several cooked vegetables, rice cake and tofu, with the spices used are peanuts mashed with some chilies. A portion of lotek will be more perfect if accompanied by crackers. Lotek sellers can be found in almost every village in Sukabumi.


It is incomplete to visit Sukabumi without tasting this one special food consisting of several cooked vegetables, rice cake and tofu, with the spices used are peanuts mashed with some chilies.


Bajigur is a traditional drink typical of the Sundanese people from West Java, Indonesia. The main ingredient is palm sugar from coconut milk. For added pleasure, mix a little ginger, salt and vanilla powder.

This warm drink is usually sold with Bandrek, boiled peanuts, boiled sweet potatoes, klepon and so on in one cart. In the presentation, sometimes added with a little fro (or so-called cangkaleng in Sundanese) which is thinly sliced. Bajigur is best enjoyed when it rains cold weather.

Along with the times, Bajigur is made in an instant form in the form of a powder which only needs to be brewed using warm water, the goal is to enjoy it practically anytime and anywhere without having to bother making traditional Bajigur.


The name "Colenak" comes from the abbreviation "delicious chocolate". Colenak is a typical parahyangan food made from grilled peuyeum sampeu (cassava tape). Initially, the grilled peuyeum was served with a sauce made from melted red guka mixed with coconut. But, over time, there were many Colenak variants developed by traders.

One of them is Colenak Sukabumi. Here the grilled peuyeum is served with a sprinkling of unti (a mixture of grated coconut and brown sugar cooked until it's slightly dry) and drizzled with coconut milk sauce. There is also a typical Sukabumi Colenak Durian, with a sauce made from ripe durian with melted brown sugar. Another Colenak Banana tape, peuyeum tucked into pieces of banana chips then baked.

Because peuyeum has high sugar content due to the fermentation process, peuyeum burning does not need to be done too long because it will burn easily, however, by some people, the burnt side due to the formation of caramel is considered to be the most delicious part of colenak.

Batagor is an Indonesian culinary snack that is well known to the public. Actually Batagor is short for Fried Tofu Meatballs, which is one of Bandung's signature snacks. Batagor is generally made from tofu filled with meat or fish meatballs. Batagor is served with peanut sauce poured over it and that is what makes Batagor have its savory taste.

Ginger Cake

Ginger Bangket Cake is a traditional Indonesian Cake. It tastes special, delicious, crunchy and there is a taste of spices, namely fresh ginger in every bite. They are also very durable cookies.

Mochi Cake

In Indonesia, especially the mochi cake made by the city of Sukabumi, which hawkers usually sell at several intersection points in the city of Bogor, the mochi cake contains peanut dough.

Packaged in a spice basket branded in the writing kuo-i which reads swang sie which means a lot of happiness, each basket of mochi cakes contains 10 mochi the size of a marble, with prices starting from IDR 5,000 to IDR 7,500 per joint containing four bamboo baskets.

To our liking, the famous mochi cake is the mochi cake made at Jalan Otista No.39. This mochi cake is round in shape, sprinkled with sago flour, and feels chewy. If digigt, it will taste sweet.

There will be sold two types of mochi cakes, namely mochi cakes without filling called kiathong and mochi cakes filled with peanut dough, mochi cakes from that place are made without coloring and without preservatives, so they cannot be stored for long, must be eaten immediately. .

Bika Ambon

Bika Ambon is a kind of snack from Indonesia. Made from ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and coconut milk, bika Ambon is generally sold with a pandan flavor, although now there are other flavors such as durian, cheese and chocolate. Bika Ambon can usually stay in the best condition for about four days because after that the cake starts to harden.

Purple Rice

The typical Sundanese culinary, Nasi Uduk Ungu, has become an icon of the City of Sukabumi because this culinary has advantages and distinctiveness and only exists in Sukabumi City.

Another advantage of this nasi uduk is besides its cheap price, to make the rice purple and green it doesn't use artificial or chemical dyes, but sources from vegetables and fruits and doesn't use preservatives.


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